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Candidates Polled For Supporting Food Bank Sales Tax Exemption Feeding Iowans

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 3:26pm -- lgorkow

(Iowa) Iowa state legislative candidates respond to supporting sales tax exemption for food banks serving Iowans. The questionnaire was sent to legislative candidates in 5 out of the 6 food bank service areas across western and eastern Iowa.

The Iowa Food Bank Association, in collaboration with its member food banks, is sharing the results to the questionnaire sent to legislative candidates in western, and eastern Iowa. Each legislative candidate was asked if they would support sales tax exemption for the food banks in Iowa during the upcoming 2021 legislative session. Every $1 that is paid to the state from the food bank through sales tax could be used to help fight hunger. Food banks in Iowa are able to provide 5.5 meals for every $1 received from donations or grants.

Background: There are six food banks in the Feeding America network that serve Iowa. One is located in Nebraska, and one is a community action program, which is already exempt from sales tax. That leaves four food banks whose supporters make donations intended to feed food-insecure people, a portion of which is instead paid to the State in sales taxes.

In the 2020 legislative year, this bill passed the Iowa House, but not the Senate. The fiscal note totaled $202,000. Given how essential food banks are to feeding Iowans facing food insecurity and their extraordinary role in the State's COVID response, Governor Reynolds is on record supporting tax exemption for Iowa’s food banks in the next legislative session.

All candidates not listed are invited to add their name to this list of supporters committed to signing on to sales tax exemption legislation for the food banks serving Iowa. Candidates and legislators can contact to add their name to support the food banks feeding Iowans across the state.

Due to the COVID-19 the sustained high demand for food, the food banks across the state have distributed 40% more food since March 2020.

Jane Podgorniak, District 51 (Mitchell/Floyd)
Timi Brown-Powers, District 61 (Black Hawk)
Tracy Ehlert, District 70 (Linn)
Christina Blackcloud District 72
Chris Hall District 13 (Woodbury)
Dave Jacoby District 74 (Johnson)
Bob Kressig District 59 (Black Hawk)
Monica Kurth District 89 (Scott)
Sean Hanley District 89 (Scott)
Jon Vance District 89 (Scott)
Ryan Quinn District 57 (Dubuque)
Gary M. Mohr District 94 (Scott)
Marue Gleason District 94 (Scott)
Norlin G. Mommsen District 97 (Clinton)
Ryan Zeskey District 97 (Clinton)
Anne Osmundson District 56 (Clayton)
Jennifer Kaker t District 92 (Scott)
Sandy Salmon District 63 (Black Hawk/Bremer)
Phyllis Thede District 93 (Scott)
Mike Vondran District 93 (Scott)
Karen Koenig District 54 (Cerro Gordo)
Dave Williams District 60 (Black Hawk)
Rob Howard District 60 (Black Hawk)
Cindy Winckler District 90 (Scott)
Mary Lynn Wolfe District 98 (Clinton)
Joma Short District 98 (Clinton)
Kamal Hammouda District 76 (Iowa)
Eric Gjerde District 67 (Linn)
Ruby Bodeker District 75 (Iowa, Benton)

Jim Carlin District 3 (Woodbury)
Dave Degner District 36
Eric Giddens District 30 (Black Hawk)
Harold Youngblut District 30
Ivy Schuster District 38 (Benton)