Supporting the Feeding America food banks and their affiliates serving Iowa in their work to ensure that sufficient food is accessible to all.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Food Assistance (SNAP) Outreach

Approximately 10.9% of Iowans are food insecure, meaning they do not have the ability to acquire nutritionally adequate and safe foods in socially acceptable ways. This translates to 340,000 Iowans being forced to make tough decisions about providing food for their families or paying their rent or mortgage, paying for transportation, or paying for medical bills. The Food Assistance Program (also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)) is available to assist these individuals, but many individuals do not apply to receive benefits. 

IFBA Food Assistance Hotline

Iowans can call the Iowa Food Bank Association Hotline to complete and submit their Food Assistance application over the phone. The Hotline – (855) 944.FOOD (3663) – is open 8:00 am to  4:30 pm Monday through Friday with additional assistance provided after hours on high volume call days. The Hotline is a part of the Iowa Food Bank Association Outreach program and is made possible through grant funding from the Walmart Foundation and Feeding America, Telligen Community Initiative, and the United States Department of Agriculture through an ongoing partnership with the Iowa Department of Human Services.  USDA and IFBA probit discrimination in any form.  Please click here for additional information.  

SNAP Mobile Access Points

IFBA is in an optimal position to reach individuals who have not applied for FA benefits with measures that will counter the reasons individuals may have not applied. Collaboratively, the association members provide grocery products to over 1,000 agencies throughout the state that are serving hungry individuals. IFBA will utilize these agencies to reach individuals who are eligible for FA, but have not applied, by creating Mobile Access Points. Mobile Access Points will be wireless enabled netbooks or laptops, and portable scanners traveling with an employee of IFBA to targeted emergency feeding sites. The sites will be chosen based on community need, and the lack of a full time Department of Human Service (DHS) office in the county. While at the site, the trained IFBA FA Outreach Worker will assist individuals in accessing the DHS Online Application for State of Iowa Services (OASIS) website. OASIS is an online joint application for FA and other funding sources for needy individuals.

Mobile Pantries will be used to create Mobile Access Points in regions that do not have adequate access to food assistance programs such as food pantries. This program allows food banks to create access points while serving communities that lack adequate access to other forms of food assistance. A food bank partners with a community organization in the underserved area to find space and volunteers to implement a two to three hour mobile pantry. The food bank transports an amount of food based on the estimated number of participants to the designated location. Mobile pantries will be utilized as FA Mobile Access Points.

Per, USDA, for every dollar in new FA benefits, $1.80 is generated in economic activity. Food Assistance works for Iowa.


Do you think you are eligible for assistance?

Many Iowans may be elligible but have not applied. To apply, call the IFBA Food Assistance Hotline at (855) 944.FOOD(3663) or click here.


Partners and Funders

The Iowa Food Bank Association is funded in part by USDA, an equal opportunity and employer, through the Iowa Department of Human Services. Generous matching grants have been provided by the following organizations:

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